Bonaire Island Council election result officially established; No recount of votes

At times lengthy deliberations between acting Governor Oleana and his advisors preceded the denial of the request for a recount of votes. Photo: ABC Online Media 

KRALENDIJK – On Thursday morning, the result of the island council elections of March 15 was officially announced in the Passangrahan. A total of 10,524 people cast a vote, with 10,232 valid votes, 118 blank votes and 174 votes that were marked as invalid.

According to the official results, the MPB received 2,034 votes, the Democratic Party Bonaire 3,975, the UPB 2,908 votes, the 1 Union pa pueblo 268 votes, the M21 a total of 985 votes and the Lista Suzy Thodé 62 votes. The electoral quota has been set at a total of 1336, which were required to obtain 1 seat.

The distribution of seats remains unchanged from what was previously communicated, namely 3 seats for both the DP and the UPB, 2 seats for the MPB and 1 seat for the M21.

No recount

Acting Island Governor Reynold (Nolly) Oleana also explained that the Democratic Party’s request to recount the votes had not been granted. According to Oleana, there are no indications that the count was not done correctly or that the end result would not be correct.

PDB leader Clark Abraham clearly disagreed with that statement. According to the leader of the red party, there are indeed indications that certain things have not been done according to the rules during the preparations for voting. He also pointed out that the final results differed quite a bit from the results that were initially announced on March 15.

Oleana was not convinced by Abraham’s arguments and rejected a recount of the votes, much to the dismay of the Democratic Party.

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