Bonaire joins Local2030 Islands Network

Governor Rijna and Kate Brown shake hands during the Master Plan 2030 conference. Photo: Government of Bonaire

Kralendijk – Bonaire has joined the worldwide network of islands initiated by the United Nations that not only want to meet the sustainable development goals of the UN as quickly as possible, but are also an example for other islands.

The so-called Local2030 Islands Network was launched in September during the United Nations Climate Change Summit in New York. Bonaire’s entry to the international network was announced yesterday by Director Kate Brown of Global Island Partnership during the Kickoff session of the Master Plan 2030 Conference.

“The Local2030 Islands Network is a platform with two important goals: it supports islands in developing their solutions to implement the United Nations sustainable development goals and it enables them to collaborate with other partners to complete the process accelerate implementation”, said Brown.

“Islands are at the forefront of climate change and, as innovation laboratories, can lead the development of solutions that can be applied worldwide. That is why we are very happy that Bonaire has become a partner in the network to share ideas and solutions with and learn from other islands that are already members of the network. “

Bonaire recognized urgency of sustainability early-on

Island Governor Rijna also added some thoughts on the occasion of the affiliation. “Without us bragging about it too much, Bonaire has recognized the importance and urgency of sustainability at a very early stage. Forty years ago – when nobody was talking about sustainability – we made the waters around the island a protected park.

Fortunately, more and more islands and countries are now recognizing the need for sustainability. As a member of the Local2030 Network, it becomes easier to share best practices with each other and jointly develop solutions to the challenges that we face as a result of climate change, among other things. Membership is going to help us find the balance between economic development and maintaining the core values ​​of our society such as culture, nature and the environment”, said Rijna.

Partners in the Local2030 Islands Network include the Seychelles, the Marshall Islands, Grenada, Curaçao, Ireland, Hawaii and Guam as well as various branches of the United Nations.

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