Bonaire launches new website

KRALENDIJK- Bonaire launches a new website, reflecting its new branding. According to the TCB, the website beautifully showcases all the information travelers might need to plan their upcoming visit, from gastronomic experiences to outdoor activities.

With improved navigation and organization, the page also offers new accessibility features, including an ADA-compatible screen reader for people with visual or hearing impairments. Visitors to the site can expect tips for their next trip, whereabouts guides, blogs with local recommendations and more.

The site has also been completely renewed in terms of photography and texts. The new look and appearance of Bonaire was created in collaboration with the island’s creative agency, Dunn&Co.


“The intuitive site architecture allows users to easily explore the island’s possibilities and plan their vacations to Bonaire,” says Miles Mercera, director of Tourism Corporation Bonaire.

The new site can be viewed at

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