Bonaire Logistics is going Compostable

Bonaire Logistics is going Compostable!
Bonaire Logistics has a brand-new product line of compostable products. These compostable products are made from renewable resources, such as corn. The company has purchased over 60 different compostable products to replace all of the single use plastic products. The current unsustainable assortment will be phase out. A recent study in Europe showed that plastic straws, cups and cutlery are in the top ten of most polluting plastic products. Which means that we should definitely avoid using these products on Bonaire and switch them out for more sustainable alternatives.

General Manager Roland Verbeek and Sales Director Adriënne de Jongh have only started with the sales of their eco products last week, but they are very happy so far: “There is a demand for sustainable products on Bonaire, and fortunately the price differences between compostables and single use plastics are not that big.” This means that sustainable options are also accessible to small companies, such as local restaurants. Rudolf from take-out restaurant Matti’s Place has already placed his order for food boxes at Bonaire Logistics. He says: “I have five grandchildren and it is important that I make a difference, for them!

Another positive factor is that the general public is becoming more and more aware of the importance of waste reduction. Van den Tweel Supermarket understands the changing demands of their customers. They will soon start to replace all single use plastic packaging, such as salad boxes, with a compostable version.

Lastly, an online survey, conducted by Boneiru Duradero, showed that inhabitants and visitors on Bonaire are willing to pay at least USD 0.25 cents per take out meal extra for a sustainable food container. The maximum price difference between a single use plastic catering product and their compostable alternative is only USD 0.20! This means that (take out) restaurants no longer have an excuse to keep using polluting plastic products.

It is important to recognize that compostable materials should preferably be processed by industrial composters and not end up on the landfill where they are mixed with other (non-compostable) waste streams. Industrial composters are able to break down organic waste materials, turning them into compost. Bonaire Logistics is also willing to contribute to this last, but very important step in waste reduction. The company will join forces with Boneiru Duradero to research the possibilities for Bonaire.

Switching to compostable products is a significant first step for Bonaire. Roland and Adriënne are hoping that other importers will follow their example, because their ultimate goal is to completely eliminate single use plastics and styrofoam from our beautiful island.

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