Bonaire must make its own choices about spatial zoning 

KRALENDIJK – The Public Entity Bonaire (PEB), together with the inhabitants of the island, will have to make decisions about the spatial zoning on the island. 

This can be deduced from answers by Alexandra van Huffelen, in an interview with Aimed Ayubi and Norwin (Nòchi) Willem. The Secretary of State made her remarks in response to questions about the desirability of developing the former Bolivia plantation.

“Among other things you need to make choices about where to build, what kind of construction to allow, which permits of permits to grant and which kind of permits not”, said Van Huffelen. 

The State Secretary added that plans will have to be carefully thought through. “Once you sacrifice nature to build something, it is difficult to reverse that in the future. And that is why you have to think plans or ideas through really well, when you decide in what direction you want to go as an island”. 

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