Bonaire now has more Covid-infections than Curaçao

Bonaire now has more Covid-infections than Curaçao

KRALENDIJK – Bonaire now has, in absolute figures, more Covid infections than Curaçao, with the latter having a population which is roughly eight times larger than the one in Bonaire.

On Wednesday, there were 11 new infections in Curaçao, and a total of 98 active cases. There were 20 new infections and 105 active cases on Bonaire.

This means that Bonaire has overtaken Curaçao not only in relative terms, but also in absolute numbers. This concerns both the number of new infections per day, as well as the total number of active infections.

Bonaire still has a very high positive test ratio, of well over 20%. When it comes to the total infections per 100,000 inhabitants, Bonaire scores many times worse than is the case on the neighboring island or any of the other Dutch Caribbean islands. This trend has not changed over the past few weeks.

Not successful

Bonaire so far is not at all successful in curbing the most recent outbreak. Some days there are  fewer infections, only to be followed by several days with a large spike.   

So far, no one has been able to come up with a plausible explanation about what is causing the difference between the situation on Bonaire, and the situation on the much bigger Curaçao. 

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