Bonaire Opposition Regrets Lack of Action at Plantage Fontein

Domacasse (l) and Ellis (r) show closed gates and point to a lack of any activity at Fontein. Pòtret: MPB

KRALENDIJK – Former council members for the opposition party Movementu di Pueblo Boneriano (MPB), Edison Ellis and Din Domacasse, are seriously concerned about the lack of activity at Plantage Fontein. 

The MPB activists note that social media shows the area is closed off and no work is taking place. “Everyone knows that the previous island government purchased Plantage Fontein from a private owner last year. The goal was for the plantation to return to the hands of the Bonairian government and become a public park for the people to enjoy. We cannot believe that after 8 months, nothing has been done with this project,” said Ellis and Domacasse.

Ellis and Domacasse are also disappointed that members of the current coalition, including Daisy Coffie (M21) and Clark Abraham (PDB), have reportedly stated that the purchase should never have taken place—a statement that, according to Ellis and Domacasse, is entirely unfounded.


Through the MPB faction in the Island Council, questions have now been directed to the Executive Council. The faction wants to know the current status of the project, the government’s plans, and whether the plans developed by the previous administration for the area will still be pursued.

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