Bonaire picks up old life, new measurements as of tomorrow

KRALENDIJK – Catering establishments are allowed to close at 02:00 in the night starting Friday. Events are allowed with 100 people and singing and dancing is allowed outside.

This is possible now that Bonaire is relaxing the measures even more and a large part of the old measures are no longer valid. The new measures apply from February 18 through March 4. The basic measures and the mouth mask obligation for indoor areas remain in effect.

Singing and dancing is allowed outside, but not yet inside. At weddings, funerals and private gatherings, a maximum of 100 people is allowed. A number of measures will not apply at all. For example, people are again allowed to play sports inside and outside without restrictions. And it is possible to attend masses and services in churches and to sing along.

Working at home no longer necessary
The advice to work at home as much as possible is no longer valid. Saunas no longer have to use 50 percent of their maximum capacity and casinos may close at 02:00.

Declining business figures
Bonaire had previously eased the measures after infection rates declined and the pressure on health care decreased. Now that the decline continues and the pressure on care is low, the measures are relaxed even more.

For a complete overview of the relaxation, see

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