Bonaire police issues multiple fines during traffic checks

KRALENDIJK – In the past few days, the Caribbean Netherlands Police Force (KPCN) has conducted active traffic checks to ensure road safety, resulting in various fines being issued for diverse traffic violations.

On Tuesday, August 22nd, a driver was pulled over on Bulevar Miguel Pourier. The vehicle drew attention due to its lack of license plate and the driver not wearing a seatbelt. The driver received a citation for both violations.

A day earlier, on Monday, August 21st, around 6:00 PM, a routine inspection on Kaya Ka’i Orgel led to a citation for a driver who couldn’t provide a valid driver’s license.

In another instance, at around 2:45 PM on the same Monday, a motorist was caught using a mobile phone while driving on Kaya Grandi. This resulted in a fine for phone usage while driving.

Not much earlier, at 2:30 PM, a pick-up truck was stopped on Kaya Nikiboko Zuid after the driver was caught holding a phone while driving.

Also on Monday, August 21st, several truck drivers were apprehended and fined for various violations, such as driving without valid insurance documents, without a driver’s license, and without a seatbelt.

On the same day, during the afternoon hours, the police conducted a planned traffic check in Rincon, resulting in a total of 12 citations being issued. Violations included not wearing a seatbelt and lacking a valid driver’s license.

The police will continue these checks in the coming days to maintain road safety.

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