Bonaire prepares for Better Support in Problematic Debt Situations

Kralendijk – As part of the debt assistance by the Public Entity Bonaire (OLB), also known as the campaign “Wak Bo Sèn”, a successful second consultation round took place. During the consultation round that was held with interested organizations, a further approach was discussed within debt counseling on Bonaire. Both the approach and the prevention of the debt problems by present and involved parties were central.

The consultation round opened with a speech by Commissioner Nina den Heyer followed by a speech by director Silvana Serfilia-Janga. They discussed the importance of cooperation within the chain in order to identify and prevent the debt problems (at an early stage). In Nina den Heyer’s speech, among other things, the great embarrassment in society surrounding debts was brought up. This shame was raised because it needs to be scrutinized to break the taboos that sustain it. The approach on an island like Bonaire will have to take place integrally. In this way, an environment is formed where people can handle money safely and healthily.

The consultation round was visited by partners such as various banks, the Tienda Pa Konsumido, the Youth and Family Center (CJG), the OLB, WEB, TELBO and also bailiffs. In December 2019, they jointly signed a letter of intent aimed at involvement in debt counseling on Bonaire. In this context, this consultation round has brought to light more insights in which citizens can be helped in the debt problems. These insights included, for example, entering into financial obligations with several private creditors by participating in a “SAM” construction, purchasing foodstuffs from toko’s, but also using pawn shops, etc.

This 2nd consultation round is a precursor to the conference on tackling debt counseling on Bonaire that will take place in September. Here attention will be paid to legislation and regulations, information and mediation, but also knowledge exchange between other relevant organizations. For more information, please contact +599 777 4141.

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