Bonaire Regatta officially opened on Friday evening

Liesje Saragosa and Timoteo Silberie (r) together with Reagan Soliano. Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK—The opening of Regatta 2023 took place on Friday evening with a boat parade and the performance of the Regatta song.

Liceta (Liesje) Saragosa, President of the Stichting Aguaspeed Bonaire Windsurfers, addressed the attendees. Saragosa noted that the event has been celebrated for many years in the month of October.

Saragosa thanked the various sponsors who make the event possible, with special recognition to Don Andres, which provided transportation for many participants from Curaçao to Bonaire to take part in the event.

Timoteo Silberie, speaking on behalf of the Public Entity Bonaire, also addressed the attendees. “I call on everyone to work together and do our best to make this event grand. Let’s make Regatta a highlight of activities. Let’s celebrate together, a beautiful and fun Regatta.”

As is the tradition, Regatta is dedicated to an individual or organization each year. This year, it is dedicated to Jopi Soliano. His son, Reagan Soliano, was present and expressed gratitude for the honor. “It is an honor and privilege to dedicate Regatta 2023 in my father’s name. He cannot be here today, but thank you for dedicating Regatta to my father.”

The Regatta 2023 was officially opened by firing the starting shot.”

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