Bonaire Registers First Covid-19 case; No Additional Measures for now

Island Governor Rijna during the announcement about the first Covid-19 case on Bonaire

Kralendijk- Bonaire has a first case of the Coronavirus. This was made public by Island Governor Edison Rijna in a press conference this afternoon.

The person who tested positive for the virus has mild symptoms and is not seen as being a high-risk case.

“The positive result is a conclusion of the experts in consultation with the RIVM. A test has been taken several times. Each time the test result came back as not positive, but also not negative. The doctors call that inconclusive, or not conclusive”, said Rijna.

The suspicion is that the person in question has been in contact with a person from Aruba who tested positive and became ill.

“In all probability this concerns an import case with a subsequent contamination on Bonaire. The source can be traced. Restrictive and known measures were taken prior to this contamination”, according to Governor Rijna.

Rijna also explained that because there is good insight into the origin of the case, and the contacts, it is not necessary to proceed to a lock-down. Rijna said that the new details about the presence of the Covid-19 virus on the island would not affect tomorrow’s repatriation flight.


Governor Rijna called on the population to stay calm and keep adhering to preventive measures already put in place. “It is important that you continue to comply with the restrictive measures. Keep your distance from each other, but also keep the peace. Do not be tempted into hoarding or panic, that really is not necessary”.

Rijna also promised to keep the population updated on development and called on residents to show confidence in authorities on the island. “I am counting on you, on your cooperation, and I count on your trust in us and in each other. Together against Corona”, said Rijna in closing.

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