Bonaire Registers Second Day with Zero New Infections

Kralendijk- Bonaire on Saturday has registered a second consecutive day with now new Covid-infections. Out of a total of 17 persons who got tested on Friday, no one turned out positive.

Only 1 additional person has recovered between Friday and Saturday. This means the total number of ‘active cases’ stands a 27.

The Covid prevention measures have been scaled down. The island went from Risk Level 6 two weeks ago, to Risk Level 4 today. This means that among others the curfew has been lifted and that restaurants and non essential shops may now reopen again. It remains to be seen if the low numbers can be maintained given the elimination of many restrictions.


According to Island Governor Rijna, not only the strict measures have led to the positive development, but most probably also the fact that around 60% of the island’s adult population has now been vaccinated at least once.

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