Bonaire residents must prepare for possible bad weather

The Multidisciplinary Team of Bonaire Government in meeting about the coming bad weather. Photo: Government of Bonaire

KRALENDIJK- The Multidisciplinary Team of the Public Entity Bonaire (PEB) warns that a lot of rain could fall on Wednesday and Thursday as a result of the weather system that is developing over the Atlantic Ocean.

The weather en route to Bonaire is being monitored. It is everyone’s responsibility to prepare for possible bad weather and a hurricane. Now that we are in the hurricane season, the public body Bonaire is calling on everyone to take precautions in advance.

Now that we have entered the hurricane season, it is necessary to always have enough food and drinking water at home. Especially food that does not spoil quickly. It is also useful to have candles or a flashlight in the house if the power goes out. Therefore, also charge the mobile phone so that communication is still possible for a long time. Also agree now who you can go to if you have to leave your home in case of an emergency. In bad weather and hurricane stay inside

“Make sure your house and garden are in order. For example, fixing roofs that are loose. Walk into your garden and see what is loose. Clean up as much as possible so that if a lot of rainwater comes into the garden or if the hole blows, things do not cause unnecessary damage. Also think about a safe place for the pets”, according to the Multidisciplinary Team. 


Although the fishermen have already been informed by the Harbour Master, boat owners are called upon to bring their property to safety. Visit for more tips on how to prepare for disasters. The multilingual folder with tips can also be downloaded there. Also download the Disasterprep app on your phone for information and tips.

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