Bonaire sees 7% increase in Tourism Arrivals compared to 2019

Photo: Chinouk Luksch/Bonaire Photo Contest.

KRALENDIJK- The Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) is reporting a total of 10,695 stay over visitors for the month of September 2022 which is approximately 7% increase of the pre-pandemic arrivals according to CBS figures of 10,000 stay over tourists in September 2019. 

The European market outperformed all other registered market numbers of visitor arrivals. Bonaire registered a positive performance from its top two main markets. Bonaire welcomed a total of 5,266 (49%) Dutch visitors, and a total of 2,190 (20%) visitors from North America. Bonaire also saw a spike in arrivals from visitors from neighboring island Curaçao, a total of 1708 which represented 16% of the total arrivals. This spike is a direct result of several island events that took place such as Dia Di Boneiru, Bonaire Bikers week and Bonaire Music Festival. 

TCB monitors Bonaire’s tourism performance on a daily basis and similarly to the region benchmarks its KPI’s with pre-pandemic figures. 2019 was one of the best performing years for the island of Bonaire and is currently used by TCB as the baseline/benchmark to measure Bonaire’s Tourism Recovery. 

Average length of stay

Furthermore, Bonaire measured an average length of stay for the Dutch market of 14 nights and 7 nights for the US market. Furthermore, the dominating age group of all our visitors ranges between 46 and 65 years. For the month of August 2022, Bonaire welcomed 2 cruise ships carrying a total of 7695 passengers. 

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