Bonaire shocked by 2 violent deaths in less than 24 hours

2 potential murders on the island in less than 24 hours is not something Bonaire is used to.

Kralendijk- The community is in shock now that potentially 2 murders have been committed on the island in a time span of under 24 hours. The island woke up yesterday to the news that a 34 year old woman had been found dead in her house in Antriol with a gun shut wound to her head. Although suicide is not completely ruled out yet in this case, Police consider the violent death a potential homicide.

Early Wednesday morning, around 2 AM, a 24 year old inhabitant was shot multiple times in the Kaya Korsou after carnival activities in the center of Kralendijk. The victim initially survived the attach, but passed away in the hospital. Police are also investigating this case. Unconfirmed information shows that this was a so-called drive-by shooting where multiple bullets were fired out of a car in the direction of the victim.

The community is not used to this type of violence. Sometimes years go by without a single homicide on the island, something not many communities can state nowadays. This on the other hand makes two potential murders in less than 24 hours even more unsettling.

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