Bonaire shows unity after fishing boat set on fire

KRALENDIJK – The recently held mediathon to raise money for fisherman Hendrik ‘Tuti’ Emerenciana raised an amount of 27,309.93 dollars. The boat was set on fire at the pier in Sorobon. But where the flames destroyed the boat, they also ignited a spark of solidarity and community spirit.

Ernst de Lanoy, a prominent member of ‘Piskabon’, had the honor of personally handing over the collected amount to Tuti. “What happened is unacceptable. This is a matter for police investigation, and we do not interfere with it, but we do care about the human aspect. The government also provided support.”

Dabboussi, who came up with the idea for a mediathon, spoke of the larger significance of the action: “At times like these, we realize how important it is to be there for each other.” He also advocated for better protection measures for fishermen, such as insurances, to shield them from future setbacks.

A visibly emotional Tuti expressed his gratitude: “This gesture means more than words can express. We can now look forward to a new beginning. A heartfelt thank you to the people of Bonaire.”

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