Bonaire signs MOU with Royal Caribbean Group

KRALENDIJK- Bonaire has signed a so-called memorandum of understanding with cruise company Royal Caribbean Group.

According to tourism deputy Hennyson Thielman, the agreement aims to bring cruise tourism closer to the population of Bonaire.

“Together with TCB, we have put together a program for Royal Caribbean Group to explore the island and show what Bonaire has to offer its visitors. We have also explored interesting opportunities that can benefit both parties,” said Thielman.


Melissa Morales, representative of Royal Caribbean Group, is satisfied with the visit and is looking forward to a very fruitful collaboration with Bonaire. “We look forward to strengthening our partnership. We will work on diversifying the excursions and product development and hope to contribute to education.”

The cruise company will also conduct research into the experiences of tourists and awareness programs will be created to draw attention to the Bonaire Bond.

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