Bonaire to get all new waterfront park

Bonaire to get all new waterfront park

KRALENDIJK- Bonaire will get a new public park on the waterfront, which may be in place before the end of the year.

According to plans announced this week by Bonaire Overheidsgebouwen, or the Island’s Real Estate Agency (BOG), the new park will be constructed between the site of the Chogogo hotel and Den Laman.

Plans for the new park have actually been in place since 2012, but had not yet come to fruition. “After Sunset Beach was demolished, it was initially the intention that the have the entire site be developed by a new hotel owner,” says Adely Jansen of Bonaire Holding, which also includes BOG. When that failed, a different approach was chosen. The total plot was divided into four parts, three of which have now been allocated to the Chogogo Resort and the planned Sunset Beach Resort. 

“The fourth piece of land was at that point also earmarked for the construction of a public park. We are now finalizing preparatory work to start working on the realization” says Jansen. Consulting firm Heren2, which is active on various islands of the former Netherlands Antilles, further worked on a comprehensive plan for the area.


The new park will have a broad creative objective. For example, trees will be planted and a so-called ‘slipway’ will be constructed with which boats can be launched. There will also be opportunities for sports and a few kiosks will be built where food and drink can be bought. In a later phase, the nature conservation organization will also have its own office there.

Soon the Public Entity Bonaire (OLB) will announce more details about the plan for the construction of the new park.

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