Bonaire to make street lighting more energy-efficient

On Curçao the streetlights in Willemstad have been replaced for LED lights | photo

KRALENDIJK – The public entity of Bonaire (OLB) has commissioned the Water and Energy Company Bonaire (WEB) to replace the current street lighting with smart and energy-efficient LED lamps. 

The use of smart LED lamps aligns with the sustainable and safety goals of the local. The installation of the LED lamps will be carried out by local entrepreneurs, who will receive specific training for this purpose.

Local Government on Bonaire is responsible for providing adequate street lighting on Bonaire. LED lamps, according to Government, will offer numerous benefits to Bonaire, compared to the current traditional lights. “With these lamps, we will enhance social safety, traffic safety, and the overall ambiance on the streets through improved and intelligent lighting,” says Deputy Hennyson Thielman of Infrastructure.


A pilot project for the lamp replacement will start this month in the following streets: Bulevar J.A. Abraham from Kaya International to Kaya Gilbert F Croes, Bulevar J.A. Abraham from Marriot Hotel to Caribbean Court, Kaya Charles E.B. Hellmund, Kaya Commerce, Kaya Encarnacion B. Sint Jago, Kaya Gilberto F Croes, Bulevar Gobernador N Debrot, Kaya Industria, Kaya International, Kaya Korona, Kaya Libertador Simon Bolivar, Kaya Nikiboko Noord, Kaya Nikiboko Zuid, Kaminda Nieuw-Amsterdam, Kaya Pueblo/Kaya Seminole, Bario Den Terra, Kaya Luis Pourier/Kaya Hubentud, Kaya Dawari, Bulevar Minguel A. Pourier, Kaya Hubtentud/Bario Puente afo, Bario Mamparia Kutu, and Kaya Trupial.

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