Bonaire to work on future vision for mobility

Part of the R&O delegation at Syndesmo. Photo: Syndesmo

KRALENDIJK- The delegation from the Directorate of Space & Development currently visiting the Netherlands has, as part of their visit, received a presentation on mobility. 

The presentation has resulted in a commission for the Syndesmo agency to develop a vision on the theme of ‘mobility’ in collaboration with the Public Entity of Bonaire (PEB).

“Together with Martijn Elting and Lotte Gardien, we had the opportunity to present our vision, area, and program approach. This has resulted in an initial commission to gather the Bonairean vision on mobility this summer in co-creation with the Public Entity of Bonaire and the most relevant stakeholders on this beautiful island,” says advisor Marc van der Seijs.

During a series of inspirational sessions, trends and developments will be discussed to work together on a new mobility vision for the island.

Sustainable and inclusive

“A mobility vision that does justice to the island, its future, and all its inhabitants; a sustainable, inclusive, and accessible Bonaire,” says Van der Seijs about the plan.

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