Bonaire Tour Guides Wrap Up Training

A total of 23 participants received their Certificate of Achievement today. Photo: Zamir Ayubi

Kralendijk- A total of 23 tour guides have wrapped up an in-depth training to be better prepared in conducting tours on the island with the many tourists visiting the island.

Instructors for the training were Sue Ellen Felix and Brian Albus. The training knew various elements and the tour guides were made aware of many details about Bonaire, which will make their tours more interesting.

The training came to en end by means of a written test with 100 questions about the island.

This morning a total of 23 participants received their certificate out of the hands of the two trainers.

The enormous growth of cruise tourism has lead to an increased need for knowledgeable tour guides, who can provide more in-depth details about the history, culture and nature of the island. The work as tour guide also offer an opportunity to many to earn some extra cash on days the cruise ships are moored at piers in Kralendijk.

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