Bonaire wants better control over own taxes

The Tax Office Caribbean Netherlands since 2010 is also collecting taxes for the Public Entity Bonaire. 

KRALENDIJK- The Public Entity of Bonaire (OLB) aims to gain a better control over its internal processes related to island taxes. 

This was stated by Commissioner Clark Abraham during last Friday’s weekly press conference. Abraham made his remarks in response to questions from the local press regarding whether OLB indeed intends to take back the responsibility for collecting its own taxes.

Abraham indicated that it was the Caribbean Netherlands Tax Office (B/CN) that terminated the existing agreement under which they collected taxes for Bonaire. Meanwhile, the agreement with B/CN has been extended for one year, with the possibility of a longer-lasting arrangement.

“What I want to say is that it is absolutely necessary for Bonaire to have a better understanding of its tax situation. Many things are not going well; procedures need to be described and evaluated,” said Abraham. The issue is not new, as the island government has lacked proper control over its own taxes for quite some time.

Cashier function

Abraham also expressed criticism of B/CN’s decision to discontinue their cashier function. “In the past, for example, you had to show proof of insurance to pay vehicle tax. Without this, you couldn’t pay vehicle tax. But if there’s no person at a counter or booth, this is not possible.”

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