Bonaire will soon have own coffee roastery

According to Nort van Hulten, the coffee produced by Bonchi Boneiru will be the freshest and most exclusive on the island. Photo: Bonchi Boneiru

KRALENDIJK- Bonaire will soon have its own exclusive coffee roaster: Bonchi Boneiru. The coffee roaster is the initiative of data analyst Nort van Hulten.

Van Hulten moved to Bonaire in 2020, out of the desire to lead a somewhat quieter life compared to the Netherlands. “After two years of being a freelance business analyst, I decided I wanted to create something real, something that could contribute to the community, something that would also contribute positively to our planet,” says Van Hulten.

Van Hulten also tells that his love for coffee was the inspiration for starting his own coffee roaster. “There is no high quality fresh coffee on Bonaire when we are so close to some of the most popular coffee sources. And so an idea was born”/


Van Hulten wants to get coffee from coffee-producing countries in the region, such as Colombia, Nicaragua and Guatemala. Not only is there a lot of good coffee available in the region, but due to shorter lines, much less emissions are caused during shipping.

Van Hulten wants to work directly with the coffee farmers so that they get a better price for their products. Van Hulten also has the necessary ideas for the island itself not only to sell his coffee, but also to do business in a socially responsible manner.

The new company will start roasting coffee next week. On Sunday 10 July at the LVV farmers’ market, customers can visit Bonchi Boneiru for the first time to see, smell, taste and buy the coffee roasted on the island.

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