Bonaire’s very own Social Media influencer: Caesar Finies

Bonaire’s very own Social Media influencer: Caesar Finies

Foto: Lorenzo Mittiga

Quite often, travel influencers like “The Scuba Diver Girls” come to Bonaire to promote the island or a certain company among their followers on Social Media. Since January 1st 2018, a project has started to create Bonaire’s very own influencer.

The initiative was started by Sylvia de Leon from ABC Online Media and very soon, through conversations with Monique van Gurp from Jibe City, the ideal person was brought forward: Caesar Finies.

For years, Caesar has been very famous within the windsurfing industry. Through passion and training, he managed to specialize himself in Freestyle. Besides being a successful windsurfer, he is a tour guide on Bonaire and was born in Rincón, the Caribbean’s oldest town.

To stay tuned on upcoming giveaways, follow Caesar on:


where he will show his daily work as an influencer.


where you will find the best spots of Bonaire and useful tips.

His YouTube Channel:

on which he will regularly share videos of the best spots, activities, culture and history on Bonaire.

And on his website ( you can find more information and possibilities for cooperation.

The term ‘influencer marketing’ means promoting a brand through a person who has a positive influence on his/her followers on Social Media. The number of businesses that use an influencer as a marketing strategy to promote their (new) smartphone, holiday destination, or bio smoothie continues to grow. And the successes are there; study shows that with a good campaign, you can easily reach a Return On Investment (ROI) of 400%!

Aruba has Rachel Brathen, known as YogaGirl, who promotes Aruba as the ultimate yoga destination worldwide through sharing photos, videos and stories on Social Media daily. According to Forbes, she is one of the biggest Social Media influencers in the fitness world.

Caesar is supported by top photographer and film maker Lorenzo Mittiga and Online Marketing expert Sylvia de Leon.

Already the first local businesses on Bonaire have committed to support as a partner; Coffee Company, Eden Beach Resort, Jibe City, It Rains Fishes, Windhoek Resort and Delfins Beach Resort. However the team is still looking for partners. Are you interested or do you want more information? Fill in the contact form below, or contact Sylvia de Leon directly via 795 0152 or

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