Bonaire’s Values are important

Kralendijk – (January 13th, 2020) Tourism Corporation Bonaire is thrilled to launch their new online campaign called ‘Our Values’. It contains 12 episodes which will be shared monthly on our online platforms. Each Values is presented in a unique and authentic way. The best way to promote Bonaire is through our people. They incorporated the locals to feature their experiences and elaborate on what their true meaning and Values of Bonaire are.

Bonaire is best known as a ‘Divers Paradise’, but showed that Bonaire is much more than just diving. This way the tourist can have a glimpse of what to expect or what can be seen on our island. In these episodes they highlighted different activities Bonaire has to offer.

Also focused on people, culture, food, resources, water and untouched nature, which are important aspects of Bonaire’s heritage. Tourist plays a big role in our economy and therefore brought attention to guests who visit the island. Finally, it is important to know about Bonaire’s unforgettable history and also the unique future we’re heading towards.

Bonaire is a hidden gem and needs to be seen and heard of. The goal is to give Bonaire more exposure and to attract more tourists to come and explore the island so they can experience all these Values for themselves.
They enjoyed working with the local talents to produce these videos and images. It was a great collaboration and they are happy with the outcome.
They thank everyone who helped in this amazing project.

The first video will launch on the 15th of January on their online platforms. Keep an eye on their Facebook, Instagram & Youtube pages.

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