Bonairian children welcome Tourists on their Island

Kralendijk –  Primary school children welcomes tourists who visit Bonaire again. They do this in a few sentences in a video that will be released on several international pages in Europe and the USA to attract tourists again for Bonaire.

In the week from 29 June to 2 July, the Bonairian Island Administration has put together a special programme to introduce tourism at children’s school, with the aim that they too know the value that tourism has for the island. In the beginning of 2 July Bonaire started to receive tourists from Europe again, after almost 4 months that neither tourists from Europe nor those from the USA could visit our island. Part of the program in the schools was to record a video with the children in different places. In the video they invite tourists to visit Bonaire again. The children also remind the tourists of all the uniqueness that only Bonaire has to offer.

Commissioner Elvis Asjoe, in charge of tourism, was particularly proud to see that the children have mastered English at a young age and how well they showed it in the video. Introducing tourism to the schools is a priority of the Bonairian Island Administration. The children need to be able to understand the importance of this sector and they must also be given the opportunity to experience it for themselves. That is why the children must be prepared in cooperation with the TCB so that they can also be part of the development of this sector.

The result of the recordings can be viewed on the Facebook page of the TCB and the Facebook page of the Public Entity Bonaire. They will also publish the video to the international partners of the TCB in Europe and the USA. The intention is to attract tourists to the island. The Bonairian Island Board and the TCB encourage everyone to share the video with their friends and acquaintances so that as many people as possible can see the video. That way they can certainly manage to get more tourists to Bonaire.

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