Border Situation Venezuela Confusing; No Direct Effects for Bonaire

Island Governor Rijna has assured that there is no threatening shortage of fuels, even if the border with neighboring Venezuela are indeed closed. Photo: BES-Reporter.

Kralendijk – The current confusing situation in Venezuela and the announcement that the country closes the air and maritime connections with Bonaire, Aruba and Curaçao, is cause a lot of speculation on the islands.

Yesterday the Island Government received official notification about the border closure. At first instance, it was unclear if Venezuela had indeed closed the border to the ABC islands or not.

Island Governor Rijna notes that there seem to be worries what the border closure means for Bonaire when it comes to the supply of fuel such as gas, diesel and jet fuel.

“The Executive Council has pointed before that there is sufficient fuel in stock for the production of water and electricity on Bonaire. Curoil guarantees the delivery of petrol and diesel to the consumer, and the delivery of je tfuel to the airport”, said Rijna.

According to Rijna, in the recent past measures have been taken to ensure that the the supply of fuel is guaranteed. “There is no reason to fear that Bonaire will be without fuel”, according to Rijna in a press statement yesterday.

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