Botika Korona is relocating, clients temporarily redirected to the pharmacy in Playa

KRALENDIJK – Botika Korona is getting a new building on Kaya Korona as the current pharmacy needs to vacate its premises. Clients of the pharmacy can temporarily go to Botika Playa (Hospital). The aim is to temporarily move the services of Botika Korona starting from mid-July.

To continue serving the clients as effectively as possible, the employees of the Korona, Rincon, and Playa pharmacies will collaborate more intensively. In order to accommodate all clients of Botika Korona, additional counters will be opened and opening hours extended at the pharmacy in Playa. Extra parking facilities will also be made available at Botika Playa.

Home delivery will be implemented for the group of vulnerable clients, focusing solely on repeat prescriptions. Furthermore, doctors will soon be able to send prescriptions directly to the pharmacies digitally, rendering paper prescriptions unnecessary. This saves clients from having to visit the pharmacy to submit a prescription, allowing pharmacy staff more time to process the prescriptions.

The future Botika Korona will be located on Kaya Korona. The Public Entity of Bonaire has provided a piece of leasehold land for this purpose. The exact date of the new pharmacy’s opening has not yet been announced.

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