Brainstorming with Shop Keepers about Tourism Recovery Plan Bonaire

Commissioner Tjin Asjoe shared ideas from the Executive Council about tourism recovery with shop owners in a meeting last Thursday.

Kralendijk- On Thurday another brainstorm session was held regarding the recovery of cruise tourism. This time the project group working on the Recovery Plan met with different shop owners of downtown Kralendijk.

Many of the shop owners are dependent on the income that the cruise tourism brings and the shops have lost big part of their income because of effects of Covid-19

The cruise lines have indicated that they are not ready to restart visits to the Caribbean. The current circumstances and the hurricane season have held off cruise lines for surely until the beginning of November with the possibility of being postponed further to next year.

Safety measures

Members of the project group shared with the shop keepers their expectation that there will be strict crowd control measures in place in the foreseeable future, when cruise ships visit Bonaire. A steep decline in the cruise tourism income for the upcoming months is therefor to be expected.

Together with the shop owners a discussion was held on latest cruise developments and on steps to generate income from other sources, not related with Cruise Tourism.

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