Bram Streppel is Saba’s new Island Secretary

Streppel will commence his duties in August 2023. Photo: Government of Saba

THE BOTTOM- The Executive Council of Saba will appoint Bram Streppel as the new permanent Island Secretary. He will start in the position on August 1st, 2023. 

Streppel is currently domain manager at the municipality of Velsen, in the European Netherlands and has built his career since 2011 in policy and management positions in the social domain, civil affairs, client contact centers and executive and policy support. He is an experienced and inspirational manager who focuses on organizational development and continuous improvement of public organizations.

Streppel says he has made a deliberate choice to serve in the Caribbean Netherlands and has thoroughly prepared to work on Saba. Bram: “I have had numerous conversations with Sabans and people who work on Saba. I have studied documents and visited Saba to get to know Saba and the colleagues at the Public Entity. I am impressed by what has been achieved on Saba and how well the balance is between the daily care for Sabans, the island and the investment in longer-term developments. I am very motivated to be able to contribute to this in the coming years.”

The search for a new island secretary led to a serious longlist of candidates. Four were interviewed online by the Executive Council. Two final candidates visited Saba and had conversations with future colleagues. The Executive Council decided to appoint Bram Streppel because of his focus on improving the organization and his leadership competences.


“With Bram we have made a deliberate choice for a younger, though experienced, leader who will strongly focus on improving our organization,” says Commissioner Bruce Zagers. 

Island Governor Jonathan Johnson sees an Island Secretary who will be able to modernize the organization with his energy and experience: “Bram perfectly fits our needs for the next phase of development of the public entity.”

Interim Island Secretary Henk de Jong will hand over his responsibilities to Bram Streppel in August.

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