Bright colors and a vibrant future

KRALENDIJK – Last Saturday November 27th, Street Colors Bonaire gave an end-of-year presentation next to their latest mural behind Dash Kitchen. In a small setting they looked back on past activities, and creative plans for the coming year were voiced.

Marieke Knol, general director of Fundashon Plataforma Kultural explained to the audience how this project arose two years ago from a previous collaboration with Rewriters from Rotterdam in 2018, in which young people on Bonaire made murals together with the Rotterdam artist Vinz100. After it became clear how much talent there is on the island, it was decided to launch a bigger street art project. Since then, Street Colors Bonaire has initiated many projects, such as creating several murals on the island, forming a street art club for talented young people who have participated in countless workshops, developing online educational material, establishing a body of knowledge about street art, and organizing a Kliko Challenge. The many achievements were met with applause.

After thanking the artists, coaches, sponsors and everyone else involved, certificates were handed out to the Junior Street Artists. Several spoke, including Qhyzhanne Martines. She spoke about how she discovered her talents and grew by participating in Street Colors Bonaire. Many new street art activities are coming up in the following year, which will be revealed soon.

Special thanks goes out to Openbaar Lichaam Bonaire, MBO, Fonds21, Rewriters, Fonds Voor Cultuurparticipatie, and local artists, for making project Street Colors Bonaire possible.

With Street Colors Bonaire, youngsters from Bonaire work on their own murals together with professional artists. Street Colors Bonaire is powered by Fundashon Plataforma Kultural in cooperation with Rewriters. The main goal of the foundation is to organize activities together with others, increasing expertise and exchange, in order to stimulate the cultural climate on Bonaire. 

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