Building Permit for Sunset Beach Resort turned down once again

Model of an earlier design

KRALENDIJK – The executive council of the Public Entity Bonaire (OLB) has rejected a new application for the yet-to-be-built Sunset Beach Resort. The developer has already submitted several applications, but none of these applications have so far received the approval of the OLB.

An objection to a previous refusal was also rejected, leaving the developer almost back at square one.

In its letter dated May 28, 2024, the executive council provides various reasons why it is again not approving the application this time. The main reasons are that the developer still assumes five floors, the number of apartments that would be realized according to the application, the lack of parking spaces for such a large development, and the fact that the construction would negatively impact the traffic situation on site.


The executive council informs the developer that it would like to see a significantly smaller resort on the specified location. “You are trying to maximize the theoretical building possibilities of the plot. This includes a maximum number of apartments, maximum allowable eaves and ridge heights, as many flat roofs as possible, minimal allowable side and rear setback lines, and a maximum possible building percentage of the plot,” the OLB writes in its letter to Resort Bonaire.

Later in the six-page letter, the OLB writes: “In view of this, we believe that the project will have to be significantly reduced in scale if it is not to pose a danger to traffic safety, if the free flow of traffic is not to be hindered, if the accessibility of the surrounding buildings is not to be reduced, and if it is not to cause nuisance.”

The developer is free to appeal the current decision again within six weeks.

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