Business Deal Puts Politician Clark Abraham in a Bind

KRALENDIJK- A business dispute appears to be negatively impacting the leader of the Partido Demokrátiko Bonaire (PDB). 

The negative publicity, according to the morning newspaper Extra, is related to the delivery of bed sheets to the Fundashon Mariadal hospital on the island. Abraham allegedly received a (down)payment for it, but the delivery of the ordered sheets did not materialize as of yet. In a response to BES-Reporter, Abraham stated that he does not want to go into the specifics of the conflict. “In every business relationship, differences of opinion or even a dispute arise from time to time. These should also be resolved in the business sphere.” Abraham does not deny the conflict, but did add some perspective to the nature of the conflict.


The ‘news’ from Extra about Abraham’s business conflict cannot be seen separately from the political mud-slinging that has gripped the island in the past week. Councilor Daisy Coffie of the M21 party started the ball rolling by accusing MPB deputy Hennyson Thielman of unethical behavior. Individuals closely associated with the MPB then on Social Media accused Coffie of having problematic tax debts and Abraham of having -amongst others- a criminal record.


Since council membership on the BES islands is a part-time position with a very modest salary that is even below the minimum wage, councilors rely on other sources of income for their livelihood. Some council members do so through a job at an employer, while others run their own businesses.

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