Business Incubator Bonaire produces ‘Buy Local’ Promo Videos

Beauty specialist Bernaicha is one of the local entrepreneurs featured in the video. Photo: Businesspark

KRALENDIJK – Bonaire’s Business Incubator ‘Businesspark’, in collaboration with various local entrepreneurs, has produced a promotional video encouraging consumers to do business primarily with local entrepreneurs on the island.

The video, showcasing two beauty specialists and a music producer, urges residents to spend their money on businesses from the island itself. According to Jermainy Diaz, the manager of Businesspark, this is just the first of a total of three videos drawing attention to supporting local entrepreneurs.

Heart and Soul

“Local entrepreneurs invest their heart and soul on the island, and their profit stays here,” is heard in the voiceover of the short clip. “Support our local entrepreneurs. Buy local and help young entrepreneurs realize their dreams,” says Diaz at the end of the promo video.

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