Call for Volunteers to Choose a BON DOET Task

KRALENDIJK – On Friday 10th and Saturday 11th March, NGO Platform Bonaire, in collaboration with the Oranje Fonds, will hold the 13th edition of BON DOET, the biggest volunteering event on Bonaire.

This year, 65 social organizations have registered tasks for BON DOET and they invite volunteers to help with these tasks. BON DOET provides social organizations and local foundations the opportunity to organize their task or activity with additional volunteers and financial resources. On the other hand, BON DOET gives volunteers the chance to get to know an organization during a one-day or half-day activity, without the obligation to commit to the organization. Thanks to BON DOET, local organizations annually gain new volunteers, as volunteers get a good understanding of what the organization stands for during BON DOET. With the efforts of the organization, the volunteers have a fun day.

You too can sign up to participate as a volunteer in one of the 65 tasks for BON DOET 2023. On the BON DOET website, you will find descriptions of all tasks and can choose a task. Invite your colleagues, friends, or neighbors to join you. Registering is easy! Go to and select “Volunteers” at the top. Click “View all tasks” and choose a task. Then, simply fill in your details to complete the registration.

If you have any questions, you can email or call 717 2366 or 777 2366.Regenerate response

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