Cannabis association Bonaire has serious plans for the island

The members of the CVB board, together with director Naomi De Gruijl

KRALENDIJK- The Cannabis Association of Bonaire (CVB) wants to take matters seriously, in its quest to have Cannabis legalized on the island.

There is now a real board of the association, a director and an office for the Association. CVB now wants to gear their efforts towards the recruitment of more members and the acquisition of financial contributors. “Unfortunately, we cannot achieve much without money,” says director Naomi de Gruijl.

According to De Gruijl, Cannabis on Bonaire unfortunately still has a bad reputation. “Cannabis has already been legalized in many places around the world. The benefits of Cannabis use, for medical purpose, is already widely known. So why can this not be done on Bonaire”, asks de Gruijl.

The CVB will have its office at the Freedom Park behind the Fundashon Mariadal and will soon intensify its efforts to recruit members.


The board of the CVB Bonaire so far consists of Ralph Nolen as chairman, Desiree Croes as treasurer and Tracy Jenkins as member.

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