Car rolls over after being chased by Police

Car rolls over after being chased by Police
Picture: NOS TV

KRALENDIJK – A motorist, who was being chased by officers from the Dutch Caribbean Police Force (KPCN), rolled over near the airport just before sunrise on Sunday morning.

The police were involved in another accident near the Salt Company when the car in question drove by with enormous speed. The officers attempted to apprehend the driver, but the driver ignored the stop sign and drove off at high speed.

After the officers gave chase, the driver lost control of the car near Flamingo Airport and rolled over.


The paramedics called up were able to determine that the rushed driver was okay, after which he was arrested by the police. At the police station, the person concerned was given a breath analyser test, among other things, because he was suspected of driving under the influence.

The investigation into the exact turn of events is still ongoing.

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