Caregivers week concludes after week full of activities

The Mantelzorg week on Bonaire concluded on November 10 with a celebratory gathering where caregivers came together to reflect on a week filled with activities. 

Hosted by Jefferson Rosalia, the day emphasized the dedication and blessings that come with caring for loved ones as caregivers. Deputy Nina Francees-Den Heyer shared her experiences as a caregiver, including caring for her grandmother, and encouraged breaking the taboo around the topic. 

Caregivers shared personal stories, highlighting the importance of love and patience, and there was recognition for the efforts of individuals like Barbara Griot and volunteers Linda Janga and Lucia Anthony. 

Diana Thomas, Director of Mantelzorg Bonaire, and the rest of the board expressed satisfaction with the successful week.


The essence of Dutch “mantelzorg” can be understood as informal caregiving provided by family members, friends, or neighbours to someone in need of assistance due to illness, disability, or old age. In the Netherlands. The term “mantelzorg” encompasses the idea of providing care and support within the informal social network, often within the context of familial relationships.

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