Caribe Nobo Supermarket is once again the cheapest in the new price comparison

KRALENDIJK- Caribe Supermarket emerges as the cheapest among the participating supermarkets in a new price comparison, this time conducted by consumer store Fundashon Tienda pa Konsumidó Boneiru (FTPKB).

The comparison is based on a basic list of frequently purchased products. Consumers can save around 61 dollars when shopping at Caribe Nobo for the items on the basic list. Of all the products on the list, Caribe Nobo is the cheapest with 23 items.

In second place is Wing Cheung Supermarket in Antriol, with the lowest price in 18 cases. Customers can save a total of around 61 dollars by shopping at Wing Cheung.

The third best-performing supermarket is Top Supermarket in Kralendijk. There, consumers are the cheapest with 14 products on the list. In total, by shopping at Top Supermarket, over 23 dollars can be saved.


Starting next month, Bondigro Supermarket will also participate in the price comparison by FTPKB, but for the month of April, it has not been included in the research. Bondigro had refused to cooperate with the comparison study in the past, but the new owners of the supermarket are willing to participate.

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