Carnival Parade Kralendijk turns out to be grand and quite varied

Carnival Parade Kralendijk Turns Out to be Grand and Quite Varied

KRALENDIJK- Despite the late start to the organization of the 2024 Bonaire Carnival, it must be said that the Grand Parade, especially at Playa, surprised with its size and also with the fact that it was quite varied.

It should be noted that there is a significant difference in the level of detail among the different troupes, where some were very elaborate, and others were much simpler. This in itself is of course not a problem or anything negative.

The atmosphere at the side of the road, both in Rincon and Play, was excellent with lots of spectators joining in with the dancing, singing along and taking pictures with their favourite revellers.

Carnival 2025

Meanwhile, there are three different groups that have already shown interest in organizing carnival 2025, which for that reason it will be less rushed compared to that of 2024. Especially considering that carnival came very early this year, both the organizing groups and the participating groups should be congratulated for their tremendous work.

Photos made by Monalisa Domacasse

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