Carolin Coffie Wins Miss Tourism Pageant

Miss Tourism Bonaire Carolin Coffie

After a full program of various weeks, Caroline Coffie was crowned as Miss Tourism Bonaire during the peagent yesterday in the Courtyard-by-Marriott hotel. Photo: Miss Tourism Bonaire

Kralendijk- Carolin Coffie has taken the crown as Miss Tourism Bonaire in a pegeant which took place yesterday evening in a well-visited event and the Courtyard Hotel. The 4 candidates did three presentations: a uniform and speech presentation, a swimwear presentation and a formal dress presentation.

The candidates also presented a dance, organized and guided by Angelo Domacassé of TCB. At the end of the night it became clear that Carolin Coffie was to be the new Miss Tourism Bonaire. Coffie won a bunch of other titles, including Miss Best Speech, Miss Best Body, Miss Fotogenic, Miss Smile, Miss Interview and Miss Tour Guide.

The second place in the election was for Giorliana Veld who also won the titles of Miss popular, Miss Model, Miss Elegance, Miss Press and Miss Discipline. The third place was for Supharmy Janga, who also won the Miss Internet 2018 title. The fourth place finally was for Marionelis Serberie.

It must be said that actually the election had no losers as four beautiful and talented were given the opportunity to familiarize with the Bonaire Tourism product and learned many new skills during their week-long preparation.

Angelo Domacassé, well know from other pageants he has organized such as Mr. and Miss Teen Bonaire has once again proven that a small island can produce strong candidates and execute a nice show and beauty pageant. Domacassé was, as artistic director, also responsible for the planning and execution of the Bonaire show in Cuba last year, where the island was giving the opportunity to showcase itself as tourism destination.

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