Carpentry students SGB to visit Armenia, Colombia

The group of carpentry students from MBO/SGB accumulated the money needed for the trip by executing carpentry work. Photo: SGB

Kalendijk- Six students from the MBO/SGB Carpentry training will go on a study trip to Armenia, Colombia to follow a week of training under supervision of Martyn Baptiste and Isandro Wanga (BonNed Contractors / Bonaire Construction Management). The training in will be directed at Drywall and Plastering (light partitions). This will happen at SENA, which is a school level in Colombia comparable to Dutch MBO-education.

This cooperation originates from ‘Skills competition’, which includes both Bonaire (BES) and Colombia. In the past, there was a lot of emphasis on how building is done in Holland, whereas -given the close proximity to Colombia, it is much more logical to look what is done in the region. This also because it gives the students a better idea of what material can be easily obtained in the region.

The students accumulated the needed money for the trip by doing carpentry work. One of their projects was the construction of 24 picnic tables and 50 garden benches for the new ‘Colegio Rayo di Solo’ school.

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