CDA Statia holds first General Member Meeting

CDA Statia holds first General Member Meeting
Sjahairah Fleming (r) seen here during a recent visit to the Netherlands, will be speaking about the ideology and principles of the CDA Party. 

ORANJESTAD- CDA Statia on March 26th will be holding their first General Member Meeting. The meeting will be taking place at the Suares Building in Princess Garden from 7pm – 10pm. 

All members, those who are interested in becoming a member and anyone else who is interested in CDA Statia are invited to join for an interesting and informative meeting. 

Keynote speaker for the evening will be Curaçao MP Giselle Mc William of the MAN party. Mc. William will help motivate the young and potential leaders of Statia. Another point on the agenda will be a presentation by Sjahairah Fleming, about the CDA party, where she will explain the ideology and the principles of the CDA Party. 

Koos Sneek will be explain the reasons for becoming a local branch of a national party and what it means to be CDA Statia. 


There will be the election of the CDA Statia board and also the CDJA Statia Board, which is the Youth Wing of the political party. During the event, the party leader will be elected 

CDA Statia promises to be a movement to bring change to our community. “We realize that the island is facing many challenges, and we have a big and important job to do. It is our intention to bring along new and innovative ideas of how to run a political party, a government and our island in ways that you have not experienced before”, according to a press release sent out on Sunday. 

The event will start at 7 PM. 

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