CDA Statia pays visit to The Netherlands

CDA Statia pays visit to The Netherlands
Sjahairah Fleming and Nora Sneek, both formed part of the delegation which paid a working visit to The Netherlands. Photo: CDA Website

ORANJESTAD/ZEIST On Friday 11 February, Mrs. Sjahairah Fleming, the local leader of the newly established CDA branch in St. Eustatius, visited Zeist in The Netherlands. 

According to CDA’s website, in 2021, the CDA became the first Dutch political party with a local branch on St. Eustatius. The morning started with a reception at the town hall by alderman Fluitman, CDA Zeist party chairman and campaign leader Vincent van Voorden and board members Hubert Beusmans and Brenda Emmen-Hassell. After a short walk through Zeist, the meeting ended with lunch in the brasserie of the Slot.

Hubert Beusmans, chairman CDA Zeist: “When I heard that a delegation from the newly established CDA department St. Eustatius was coming to the Netherlands, I immediately offered that they could visit us in Zeist. It is important that we as local chapters support each other and exchange experiences. The beauty of this section is that it makes us realize that our kingdom extends far beyond the horizon. It’s not easy to start a department of a political party, so I thought it was an honor to share our experiences in Zeist with our friends from St Eustatius.”


Sjahairah Fleming visited the Netherlands as a representative of her local political group, to prepare for the municipal elections that will take place in March 2023 in St. Eustatius. In addition, she is preparing for the important political task and responsibilities that await her. Her visit to the CDA consisted of talks at the national party bureau with the chairman, people from the Scientific Institute and the youth department. She also spoke with various MPs before completing her visit in Zeist.

Brenda Emmen-Hassell (board member CDA Zeist and candidate no. 10): “I was born and raised in the Netherlands Antilles myself. I thought it was great to receive these representatives from the same party as me at our place in Zeist. It is very important that we can teach each other how to involve people in politics. I find the young Ms Fleming full of energy to work for a better community very inspiring. I enjoyed the visit and sincerely hope that we can create a warm bond of friendship between CDA Zeist and CDA St. Eustatius.”


Marcel Fluitman, party leader CDA Zeist: “We had a very open and pleasant conversation with my colleague party leader of St. Eustatius. Even though this department is on the other side of the world and CDA St Eustatius has only just been established, I noticed a great connection because, just like me, Mrs Fleming was born and raised in the community she wants to work for. It’s nice to see that we share a passion for the place we come from and feel an assignment to do our part. I am convinced that during their elections next March they will achieve a great result. We’re going to follow them!”

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