Celebrating World Wetlands Day on Bonaire: discover the value of these unique areas

KRALENDIJK – Bonaire’s wetlands are one of the most biologically diverse areas on the island. From saliñas to mangrove forests, these areas are ecologically, culturally and economically important. These areas provide critical habitat for a wide range of plants and animals while also providing other ecological services such as coastal defense, water filtration and natural carbon sink.

Although Bonaire is small, four of its wetlands are designated as Ramsar sites, signifying that they are wetlands of international importance. These areas are Washington Slagbaai, Klein Bonaire, Lac Bay and Pekelmeer.

This year, the Mangrove Maniacs will be hosting a World Wetlands Day event to raise awareness about the importance of these fascinating areas. Join the celebration on February 2nd, from 5 – 9 pm in Plaza Wilhelmina. Representatives from nature organizations and other stakeholders have been invited to participate. There will be information booths, videos, a photo exhibit, drinks and snacks and a guided coastal bird tour. Come learn more about these valuable areas, the important work being conducted on Bonaire and maybe even find a way to get involved!

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