Cft sees some progress with Financial Management of Bonaire Government

KRALENDIJK- After years of almost continuous criticism, the Board for Financial Supervision (Cft) is now of the opinion that the Public Entity Bonaire is making some progress in its financial management.

According to Cft, the accountant withheld an opinion on the 2020 financial statement, but found slightly fewer shortcomings than was the case with the 2019 financial statement. 

According to the Cft, the Executive Council has now provided insight into the process and the status of the improvement process. As a result, the Cft now expects to see improvements in the audit of the 2021 annual accounts. The Cft also observes progress with regard to the points of attention from the letter from the State Secretary of Interior Affairs and Kingdom Relations of June 22nd.


The Cft further states that it sees that Bonaire is taking important steps to further strengthen financial management by filling important positions – the Director of Operations and Support, the Head of Finance and the Group Controller. 

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