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Cft Wants Bonaire Executive Council to Spend More

The Cft for the BES-islands is formed by Herbert Domacasse (l), Raymond Gradus (m) and Henk Kamp (r). Photo: Cft

Kralendijk- In what can certainly be considered a totally new sound for the Dutch Caribbean Islands, the Board of Financial Supervision (Cft), is actually urging the Executive Council of the Public Entity Bonaire to spend more.

Cft in their latest report points at the fact that Bonaire consistently seems to spend less than what it had budgeted for, resulting in a under utilization of funds.

“The second execution report shows an under-spending in staff costs, whereas strengthening the Middle Management of the Civil Service has been a area of attention in Bonaire for some time now”, according to Cft.

Government-owned companies

Cft is satisfied about the fact that most supervisory boards at the government-owned companies are now in place. “Some progress was also made with regard to the staffing of the Supervisory Boards of government entities. At the Water and Energy Company Bonaire (WEB) and the Bonaire International Airport (BIA), the Supervisory Boards are now fully staffed”.

According to Cft, The Executive Council is currently working on the staffing of the Supervisory Board of Oil Trading Bonaire (OTB). The timely submission of annual accounts of government entities still requires a great deal of attention”, according to the letter sent to the Executive Council in Kralendijk.

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