Change-of-heart: Tim Muller Stays on as Saba’s Island Secretary

Tim Muller, here flanked by Commisioner Nina Den Heyer (Bonaire), will be staying in Saba after all. Photo: BES-Reporter

The Bottom, Saba- Saba’s Island Secretary, Tim Muller has decided to stay in Saba. The decision comes a few months after Muller had decided to move to Bonaire to become the island secretary of the Public Entity Bonaire.

The news was made known in a letter sent out to civil servants on Saba this morning and later also confirmed by the Communications Department of Bonaire’s Government.

“It’s not my style to leave Saba while we are still in the COVID-19 crisis. Also, Saba and its community are home to my family and me. It feels very good to stay. The last months I worked on several matters for the three islands Bonaire, Statia and Saba, especially where it concerns corresponding with the ministries in The Hague. I have been given the maneuvering space to continue with that. I am very happy to continue working together with all my colleagues,” according to Muller in his letter to Government workers in Saba.

New Recruitment

The Public Entity Bonaire in the meantime published a note saying that the change in plans of Muller had been discussed in a good atmosphere. Mullers change-of-heart however means that the Public Entity Bonaire should now once again start recruitment for a new candidate to become the Island’s new Island Secretary, the highest civil position in Bonaire’s local government.

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