Chef club Bonaire gathers at Epicurian Market Canarbo

Head Chef Royster from Sorobon Beach demonstrated the new Japanese barbecue with skewers of Waygu beef.

KRALENDIJK – Last week, the Club di kòki held a meeting at Canarbo on Kaya Industria. 

The chefs were given a tour by owner Brian Battah through the company’s storage space, which recently also opened a store for the public and individual shoppers. Not only could the chefs taste various ingredients afterward, but there was also a demonstration of a new Japanese barbecue, the Konro grill. 

Chef Royster from Sorobon Luxury Beach Resort demonstrated the grill with yakitori made from Wagyu beef.


Both Canarbo and the chef said they looked back on a very successful, but also an educational gathering.

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